Trickle down economics

I was browsing some comments on a CNN article about the fiscal cliff and came across these comments. In my opinion they are some good common sense arguments for the existence of “trickle down” economics.

Commenter #1
“it’s been proven that trickle down theory doesn’t work.”

Commenter #2
“Proven by whom? Do you have the actual proof? BTW, when’s the last time a poor person gave you a job?”

Commenter #3
“When the rich get richer all they do is send their money overseas. They don’t open business or hire anyone new.”

Commenter #4
“If trickle down economics does not work then why did we bail out banks and the auto industry. We bailed them out because we were afraid that if they went out of business, then they would not be able to pay employees who in turn give their money to the service industry. It is because the top leaders understand that trickle down economics is the core of our economy that we bailed out those industries.”

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