The Case for the Affordable Care Act Repeal

Currently, the United States Senate is considering a replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obama Care. As of today, July 16, 2017, it doesn’t appear that the United States Senate has the votes required to pass a replacement, according to Senator Rand Paul. In this article, without debate of whether the ACA is fair or unjust, I will make the argument for a full repeal of the ACA by the United States Congress.

This brings us to the question of why I feel that the ACA should be repealed. I feel that government should be codified and administered at the lowest possible level to allow the people the greatest amount of representation in their laws and operations. If we ask ourselves, can the States codify and administer something similar to the ACA, I believe the answer is yes.

Is it logical for the Federal Government to build roads in towns? Likewise, does it make sense for towns to administer their own armies for their protection? That is a pretty easy answer in both cases, and the answer is no.

If the Federal government were to come in to build and maintain the roads of a town, there would likely be some very well constructed roads that would come with hefty price tags. Along with that, the citizens of the town would have very little say in how those roads were built. Also, those roads may not fit the needs of the people of the town. This is because the Federal government answers to the needs of the entire Republic and not the needs of the people of the town. In addition, it would also be tougher to identify price fixing and kickbacks by the towns because of the decreased insight into those operations administered by the Federal government.

If a town were to try to maintain a standing army, they simply would not have means of purchasing the necessary equipment for current day warfare. The town would also not have efficient coordination with the other standing armies of nearby towns for defense of the Republic from outside invasion. Our founders recognized those issues and designated the United States Congress to take care of those needs.

In Europe, countries codify and administer their own health and welfare systems. In most cases, the countries in Europe that are running their own health and welfare systems have similar or smaller population than many of our states. All things besides population being equal, this gives the European countries an advantage in efficiency when running their healthcare systems when compared to the Federal government administering the ACA. This, in turn, gives European countries a tax advantage and allows European companies to be more efficient than companies based in the United States because the European Companies will pay less taxes. In the short run most people won’t notice the disadvantages, but in the long run this can create some big disadvantages with businesses based in the United States.

With these reasons listed above, I argue that the ACA should be repealed by the United States Congress and each state should take charge in passing laws and administering something similar to the ACA if the people of that state desire it be so.