Apple Valley to Big Bear Part 3

I intended to get this video put together a couple weeks ago but work has kept me busy. But nonetheless, here it is. This video is part 3 of a trip my nephew and I took to Big Bear, all on dirt roads. I think we will get 5 or 6 parts in this series.

A little background about the trip. My nephew and I decided we wanted to go exploring a few weeks ago. When brainstorming ideas, I brought up the idea of trying to get to Big Bear, California from Apple Valley by dirt roads. So we went and checked out some maps and decided to give it a try. A little caveat is that I am pretty good with directions and I am able to get from point A to point B without much guidance.

In this video we were about 10 miles from Big Bear driving through desert and pines. It was the most desolate section of our drive but abundant with natural beauty. The trail conditions were pretty good which led to slightly higher speeds than the other videos. This video has more commentary than the previous videos in this series.

Apple Valley to Big Bear Part 2

Below is the second video of my trip from Apple Valley to Big Bear, all on dirt roads. This video starts after we leave Bowen Ranch Road on Coxey Truck Trail and ends in Horsethief Meadows.

During this segment of trail which was about 15 miles total, we climbed significant elevation evidenced by about a 10 degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature.  We also passed by a small community to the north of the trail and what appeared to be some kind event going on.  There were tents and other setups at the location.  Other than the small community we encountered, it was pretty void of people.

Apple Valley to Big Bear Part 1

I took a day trip earlier today that I have wanted to take for some years now. I started out in Apple Valley and ended my trip in Big Bear, all on dirt roads.

Behind Big Bear exists a vast network of dirt roads that wind through the mountains and valleys. The road we took starts out in the high desert and finishes in the alpine forests. I saw a lot of beatiful back country and awesome meadows, and I was very impressed by how quickly the scenery changed. Each valley was vastly different than the next. Some had lush meadows while others were barren desert. Another valley was completely burnt. I am assuming the burnt valley was the result of the fires that happened in 2007.

Below is the first video. This is a side road that we took near the beginning of the trail. I learned of this place when I was in High School and haven’t been there in years. It has a waterfall and lush meadows. What makes it interesting is that everything else around this area is harsh High Desert terrain.

I will be releasing the rest of the video in a three or four part series over the next week.