Apple Valley Airshow

Earlier today I was coming back to my mom’s house from Del Taco and decided to go swing by the Apple Valley Airshow for a bit.  So instead of the traditional way of parking, walking great distance to get in, fighting crowds and paying $5, I did what any accountant in a 4×4 would do.  I pulled the Jeep down a dirt road, over a dirt berm, set up my spot and saved $5.

The 3 Jeeps

Here are a few of the videos that I took. More can be found at my YouTube page here.

DJ riding at the Cajon Pass

Below is a video of my nephew, DJ riding at the Cajon Pass earlier this week. One unique aspect of the Cajon Pass is that an abrupt climate change from a Mediterranean climate to a Desert climate takes place. When I have ridden there, one minute we would be in desert with limited brush and the next we would be in dense chaparral. I have never seen a place quite like it and I do enjoy riding there.

Due to being formed by the plate tectonics, it also has some unique features such as the Mormon Rocks.

 The 3 Jeeps

The Cajon Pass has one of the most impressive hill climbs for dirt bikes that I have seen. I can say that I have climbed it twice on my bike. Next time I do the hill climb there will be a camera on top of my helmet.

Here is a video of my nephew making the impressive hill climb.


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