Becoming an accountant

Career choices can be challenging.  I was faced with this challenge some years ago.  After considering many different ideas, I decided to be an accountant.

I knew that I wanted to do something in business from an early age.  After graduating high school I took a few classes at the local community college, but I quickly learned I wasn’t yet ready for college.

A few years passed along with a few different jobs.  I tried my hand at retail, window washing, construction, and automotive parts.  Although each job offered a great learning experience, none of them were the career I was looking for.

One day while having a conversation with my manager at that time, I told him that I was thinking about going to school for business.  He suggested that I should look into getting a degree in accounting.

After that conversation, a recent experience attempting to complete a tax return by hand and a little research, I came to a decision.  I found a rewarding career that I felt could help others.

The next 5 1/2 years were a challenging time for me.  Most of the time I worked full time while attending school at night.  I didn’t have much free time in my life, and during my fourth year of school, I somehow fit a wedding and a honeymoon into my spring break.

During my last year of school, I went on multiple interviews to find my job.  My focus was public accounting.  In my opinion, public accounting was the pinnacle of accounting. It was the specific job that the accounting classes best prepared me for.

Along with getting a couple of internships before I graduated, I was able to land a job at a well respected public accounting firm in my community.  I was scheduled to start right after school.

Graduation came and went.  With it, I had accomplished the toughest challenge of my life.  It was an accomplishment that I never imagined myself capable of and yet it felt like it came and went with relative ease.

I began working about three weeks after graduation.  In between graduating and starting work, my wife Danielle and I had our first child, Caitlyn.

I spent the next few years learning accounting and learning to be father.  They both had their challenges, but I could say that each may have prepared me for the other.

A few years has passed since that time and life has grown a bit more calm.  A new house, another baby, a CPA license and memories that will last forever.  If I had to do it all over, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I have a career that I enjoy and a wonderful family that I love.  If I had any advice to give, it would be to pick a career first then focus on the path that will get you there.  For me, it was becoming an accountant.

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