Apple Valley to Big Bear Part 3

I intended to get this video put together a couple weeks ago but work has kept me busy. But nonetheless, here it is. This video is part 3 of a trip my nephew and I took to Big Bear, all on dirt roads. I think we will get 5 or 6 parts in this series.

A little background about the trip. My nephew and I decided we wanted to go exploring a few weeks ago. When brainstorming ideas, I brought up the idea of trying to get to Big Bear, California from Apple Valley by dirt roads. So we went and checked out some maps and decided to give it a try. A little caveat is that I am pretty good with directions and I am able to get from point A to point B without much guidance.

In this video we were about 10 miles from Big Bear driving through desert and pines. It was the most desolate section of our drive but abundant with natural beauty. The trail conditions were pretty good which led to slightly higher speeds than the other videos. This video has more commentary than the previous videos in this series.

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